With a pool of over 50 writers and a hardworking administrative team the DGI’s mission is to produce world class research and analysis in International Relations, Defense, Security, Intelligence Studies and related disciplines to provide inputs into international research in the DGI’s areas of specialization. It seeks to feature a paradigm changing in-depth debate on Defense studies and visualises the role of a catalyst creating awareness around the world for an informed audience. We believe in comprehensive news and analysis by internationally famed panel of experts and stretch beyond mainstream news media and enable you to leverage the expertise of the world’s leading editorial team in defense and security to suit your specific needs. Publishing in print and online, DGI features the original works of leading and experienced defense journalists from across the continents. The thrust of the project lies in cultivating a sense of pride and nationalism in the youth of Pakistan while acknowledging the success of individuals involved in shaping the national narrative and gaining international prominence for Pakistan’s robust Defense Industry.


Defense Guardian International (DGI) aspires to be a leading nationally and internationally recognized magazine specializing in Defense, Security Studies, Intelligence, and International Relations. The DGI will continue to create future leaders and disseminate knowledge in its areas of specialization which will contribute to making Pakistan amongst the leading countries of the world and assist the international community in finding sustainable and equitable defense solutions to common challenges facing the world

Sponsorship Goals

DGI believes in provide outstanding prospects to the marketers of today and enable them to reach the global defense and security readers through adverting on traditional and contemporary media platforms. As the magazine seeks to interest a security audience that is often difficult to reach via other marketing outlets, DGI enables sponsors to deliver a targeted message to a niche audience by regional advertising. Sponsors add value to DGI by advertising defense industry products and luxury products, while DGI provides them an outstanding platform to reach the targeted customers.


Military Advisor

Haidar M Hussain

Founding Editor