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Czech Army Successfully Trials Israel’s MMR Radars

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) announced that its Multi-Mission Radar (MMR) has successfully completed rigorous military trials with the Czech Army.

The milestone achievement has opened up opportunities for future cooperation to enhance the European nation’s defense against sophisticated airborne threats.

IAI will also be able to transfer technology to defense firms in the Czech Republic, enabling local production and ongoing maintenance support for the radar system.

According to IAI, the advanced radars provided to the Czech Republic have the capability to simultaneously identify and classify numerous targets, including drones, missile barrages, rockets, and other emerging threats in the field.

The MMR is currently integrated into NATO command and control systems through the Czech Republic.

Unparalleled Defense Capabilities

The MMR developed by IAI is specifically designed to detect, track, and classify both high and low flying targets, such as drones, cruise missiles, rockets, and mortars.

It offers real-time and highly accurate air situational awareness by generating a comprehensive picture of aerial targets.

With a detection range of up to 256 nautical miles (474 kilometers) and the capacity to track up to 1,100 targets, the MMR is considered one of the world’s most advanced radar systems.

The radar has already been adopted by various countries and integrated into air defense systems like the Barak and Iron Dome.

IAI Vice President Yoav Tourgeman highlighted the operational effectiveness of the MMR, stating that the radars have been extensively used in Israel’s defensive systems for many years, providing critical air situational awareness and contributing to air and missile defense operations.