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How A J-20 vs. F-22 Dogfight Could Happen

In the fantastic video game “Digital Combat Simulator,” which simulates aerial combat, aircraft like the F-22 and J-20 may engage in dogfights with other contemporary jets.

How to Use a Digital Battle Simulator: Is Dogfighting Relevant in the Twenty-First Century?

If you agree, you might want to try the video game Digital Combat Simulator World on the online gaming platform Steam.

This program is completely immersive and breathtakingly realistic. It has won numerous international honors. Choose your fighter and engage in combat with a different pilot in a chosen aircraft. While preparing for a ground attack, try dodging surface-to-air missiles. On Steam, the simulator has received over 25,000 “Very Good” reviews. Our Senior Editor, Harry Kazianis, recently wrote about how DCS could test F-22 vs. F-14B Tomcat combat. It was a thrilling encounter.

Several dogfights and scenarios are free. For instance, you can pilot the P-51 Mustang and the Su-25T Frogfoot attack jet in the Digital Combat Simulator. Give those fighters a try; you could become addicted. You will need to get into your pocketbook to update your aircraft. The cost of operating an AH-64 Apache attack helicopter is $45.49. The cost of a flight in a F/A-18C Hornet is $55.99.

You require a sophisticated, potent gaming setup with simulator tools. Simple joysticks are inadequate. There is a sizable player base for DCS World, and occasionally they develop more than 200 pages of aviation manuals. You can compete against these players or the AI in the game.

The game’s setting is stunning. You can fly in various geographic locations, during daytime hours, and in diverse weather and cloud situations.

Taking the wheel seems like something out of a movie. Depending on the modernity of the aircraft you select to fly, you feel as though you are in a cockpit with all the features you would anticipate. It is a simulation of the real world using up-to-date aviation information.

You can help other soldiers in battle by flying close air support missions, dogfighting, carrying out ground strike operations, and helping other soldiers.

Real U.S. Air Force pilots use this simulator for training because it is lifelike.

Since 2021, A-10 Warthog pilots from the U.S. Air Force have been practicing their maneuvers on Digital Combat Simulator World. To enhance the experience, pilots from the 355th Training Squadron at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona use DCS and Oculus Quest virtual reality headsets.

We watched one DCS World video showing the F-22 Raptor battling the Chinese J-20 Mighty Dragon. It is where you can witness the match. In this scenario, the J-20 was shot down by an F-22, and the film displayed a realistic crash and burn. The worst-case scenario requires the pilot to be prepared since intelligence indicates that China could fire an S-400 SAM during the mission. The J-20 achieves a partial radar lock on the F-22 during its operation. I felt dizzy watching the simulator pilot in the video shake off the J-20 because he banked so aggressively.

The J-20 hovers above as our F-22 pilot chooses to fly close to the earth in the video. The F-22 then performs a cobra maneuver to produce a forward pitch-back to level flight. Now the J-20 is directly behind the F-22. The Chinese Mighty Dragon tries to launch flares to deceive the approaching heat-seeking bogie, but it is already too late. The J-20 is destroyed by an air-to-air missile fired by the F-22. Even the adversary pilot’s ejection is depicted in the simulator.

DCS World is a good application for cadets at the U.S. Air Force Academy. It would undoubtedly inspire a passion for flying and prepare them for what to anticipate in actual flying situations. DCS World also offers much entertainment value for non-military flight fans attracted by the military.

If you want to fly the best fighters in the world, ensure you have some extra cash to spend on the game.

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