You are currently viewing Iran Showcases Toophan MRAP Armored Vehicle at Police and Security Equipment Exhibition
The Toophan MRAP armored vehicle, showcased at an exhibition in Tehran, entered into service in 2018 (Picture source: IRNA)

Iran Showcases Toophan MRAP Armored Vehicle at Police and Security Equipment Exhibition

As per Russian social media reports on October 16, 2023, Iran presented its 20th International Exhibition of Police and Security Equipment in Tehran. The exhibition spotlighted the Toophan MRAP, a domestically-manufactured 4×4 armored vehicle that entered active service in 2018.

The Toophan (‘Storm’) Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle is an Iranian-made 4×4 armored vehicle meticulously designed to safeguard against an array of threats, including mines and ambushes. The vehicle’s spelling may vary as Toofan, Toufan, or Tufan. It is manufactured by the Shahid Kolahdouz Industries division of the Defense Industries Organization and was introduced into service in 2018.

The Toophan MRAP adheres to STANAG 4569 Level 3 protection standards, capable of withstanding 8kg mines, 155mm splinter shells from a distance of 60 m, and 7.62mm armor-piercing rounds fired from a distance of 30 m.

Internally, the Toophan accommodates a maximum of 10 individuals, including the standard two-person crew. It offers convenient entry and exit with two front doors and a rear door, simplifying personnel deployment.

The vehicle can transport a maximum weight of 2,700 kg, enabling it to convey equipment, supplies, or additional personnel. It weighs 14 tons and has dimensions measuring 7 m in length, 2.47 m in width, and 3.14 m in height.

The Toophan MRAP is adaptable, with the capacity to mount a 12.7mm heavy machine gun, typically in a shielded roof position. Additionally, it can be equipped with a remotely-controlled weapon system (RCWS) and smoke grenade dischargers.

This Iranian MRAP is likely powered by a KamAZ-740.50-360 turbocharged diesel engine, paired with a manual transmission. The V8 engine, with an 11.76-liter displacement, generates a torque of 1,470 Nm. The MRAP can reach a maximum road speed of 100 km/h and has an operational range of up to 1,100 km.

Regarding mobility, the Toophan can handle gradients of up to 60%, operate on slopes with a 32% side slope capacity, surmount obstacles of approximately 0.5 m in height, and cross trenches about 0.5 m wide. It can also ford through water bodies with a depth of approximately 1.5 m.