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Could Polaris be a contender for the British LTMP program with its MRZR D4? (Picture source: Polaris Government & Defense)

Revamping the UK Military: New Plans for Tactical Vehicles to Boost Mobility

UK Ministry of Defence Explores Procurement of Advanced Tactical Vehicles for Enhanced Military Mobility

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) is talking to companies about buying more than 1,000 tough vehicles. These vehicles are part of a program called the Light Tactical Mobility Platform (LTMP), which has two parts: LTMP Medium and LTMP Light.

The LTMP Medium part wants to get 4×4 vehicles, and the LTMP Light part wants vehicles that can go anywhere, like all-terrain vehicles. The total cost for both types of vehicles will be more than £90 million ($114.3 million).

For the LTMP Medium, they want to get around 48 or maybe even up to 863 Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs). These can carry a driver and a passenger side by side and go at least 65 kph on roads while carrying lots of stuff. They could carry more than 600 kg of people, equipment, and supplies. The contract will last for five years, and they might extend it for another five.

For the LTMP Light, they’re thinking of getting up to 156 Light UTVs, and maybe up to 311 of them later. These vehicles need to have at least 180 mm of space underneath when they’re carrying things. They should also be able to go at least 40 kph on roads while towing 450 kg and carry around 270 kg of stuff. Just like the LTMP Medium, this contract will also last for five years, and they might extend it.

The companies that want to make these vehicles need to show two sample vehicles and trailers for testing between February and April 2024. They think that each LTMP Medium vehicle might cost around £94,000 ($119,780), and a single Light UTV might cost about £33,000 ($41,910).

This program could really help the British Army move around better and carry more things. It might replace older vehicles like the Pinzgauer and Land Rover 4x4s. The Land Rover had some problems during tough battles, like in Iraq and Afghanistan, so they’re looking for better options.

We’re not sure exactly how much this will help, but experts think it could make the UK military better at moving and getting things done. They might start giving out contracts around early 2025.