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The M557A2 armored command vehicle is a variant of the M113 armored personnel carrier (Picture source: Brazil MoD)

Brazilian Army Enhances Command Capabilities with 30 M577A2 Vehicles from the US

In a significant move to bolster its military capabilities, the Brazilian Army recently acquired 30 M577A2 armored command vehicles from the United States Army. This acquisition, carried out under the Foreign Military Sales program, aims to modernize and align these vehicles with the Brazilian Armed Forces’ standards. The command vehicles were safely transported to the 5th Regional Maintenance Park in Curitiba by the Command of the 5th Military Region.

These M577A2 vehicles are a valuable addition to Brazil’s armored fleet, with previous units already in service within various armored units, including the 5th Armored Cavalry Brigade and the 6th Armored Infantry Brigade. As of 2022, Brazil already possessed 64 M577A2 vehicles, and this recent acquisition reinforces the country’s commitment to enhancing its command and control capabilities.

The M577A2, an American-origin armored command vehicle, has a rich history dating back to the early 1960s. It’s part of the esteemed M113 series of tracked Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) and offers impressive off-road capabilities. With dimensions of approximately 4.86 meters in length, 2.68 meters in width, and 2.7 meters in height, and a weight of around 11.6 tons, the M577A2 can tackle a wide range of terrains, including gradients of up to 60% and side slopes of 40%. Its amphibious nature, using tracks for propulsion when crossing water, further enhances its versatility.

Originally equipped with a Chrysler 75M petrol engine producing 209 horsepower, later versions underwent upgrades featuring a more efficient General Motors 6V53T diesel engine, generating 275 horsepower. The vehicle incorporates welded aluminum armor for protection against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. An NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) protection system ensures crew safety, underscoring the vehicle’s commitment to safeguarding its occupants.

The M577A2 accommodates a crew of five members, including the driver, and features a rear power-operated ramp with an integral door, simplifying entry and exit. For enhanced workspace when stationary, the vehicle can extend a tent at the rear, which can be interconnected with other M577 command vehicles to facilitate collaborative operations. Inside, you’ll find provisions for map boards, folding tables, computers, radios, and other essential command and control equipment, ensuring operational efficiency.

Communication is paramount for command vehicles, and the M577A2 is equipped with a hand-cranked extendable antenna for long-range communication. Additionally, it boasts an external petrol generator at the front, generating 4.2 kW of power to supply electronic systems and communication equipment. This versatile generator can serve two M577 vehicles, offering additional flexibility during operations.

Brazil’s acquisition of these M577A2 vehicles is a clear step toward strengthening its command capabilities, signaling the country’s commitment to maintaining a robust and modern military infrastructure.”