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Navistar Defense Awarded Major Contract to Upgrade UAE’s MaxxPro PLUS MRAP Vehicles

Navistar Defense LLC, headquartered in Madison Heights, Wisconsin, secured a significant $60.9 million contract from the US Department of Defense. The contract focuses on refurbishing and upgrading the United Arab Emirates’ MaxxPro PLUS Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles, renowned for their pivotal role in modern warfare.

The MaxxPro PLUS MRAP, an advanced variant developed by Navistar Defense, excels in safeguarding military personnel against threats like improvised explosive devices (IEDs), landmines, and ambushes. Its V-shaped hull, coupled with robust armored protection and advanced suspension, ensures superior safety even in hostile environments. Additionally, the vehicle features modern communication and surveillance systems, enhancing operational efficiency in diverse combat scenarios.

Recognized for adaptability across terrains, the MaxxPro PLUS offers spacious interiors, robust mobility, and continuous technological upgrades. Navistar Defense’s expertise in the defense industry has led to this contract, with the refurbishment project set to conclude in West Point, Mississippi, by July 1, 2025.

The contract, funded through Fiscal 2024 Foreign Military Sales by the UAE, underlines the global demand for advanced military equipment and underscores trust in US defense manufacturers. Overseen by the US Army Contracting Command in Michigan, this initiative signifies a strategic move in enhancing military personnel safety and operational efficiency in conflict zones.

The refurbishment aims to extend the service life and enhance performance, aligning with modern warfare requirements. Navistar Defense’s commitment to quality and the project’s potential economic impact in Mississippi reflects the significance of such contracts in bolstering military capabilities and international defense collaborations.