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Ukrainian Kozak-2M1 Armored Personnel Carrier near the frontline (Picture source: Twitter account of Cloooud )

Ukrainian Kozak-2M1 Armored Personnel Carrier Takes Frontline Position

Ukraine’s development and deployment of the Kozak-2M1 Armored Personnel Carrier on the frontline, showcasing the country’s determination to bolster its combat capabilities through domestic manufacturing. The piece sheds light on the vehicle’s features and its significance for Ukraine’s military strategy.

Recent reports confirm the presence of the Ukrainian Kozak-2M1 Armored Personnel Carrier near the frontline, a clear testament to Ukraine’s commitment to enhancing its own combat capabilities even in the midst of ongoing conflict. Equipped with a remote-controlled machine gun turret, this vehicle reflects Ukraine’s strides in producing and improving its combat machinery. The Kozak-2M1 is tailored for airborne brigades and special operations forces, underscoring Ukraine’s focus on advanced military technology.

Ukraine’s determination to bolster its war effort extends beyond external deliveries, as the country continues to manufacture its own military equipment. From ammunition to armored vehicles and drones, Ukraine’s range of products showcases its self-sufficiency. The Kozak-2M1, a domestically produced armored vehicle, takes center stage in this development, signifying Ukraine’s drive to strengthen its defense capabilities.

The Kozak-2M1 is a refined version of the Kozak-2, both serving as versatile armored vehicles. Built on the Iveco EuroCargo 4×4 chassis, its V-shaped armored hull is strategically designed to provide advanced ballistic protection. This armored carrier accommodates up to five crew members and can transport 11 personnel in specially designed blast-resistant seats. With dimensions of 6.44m in length, 2.5m in width, and 2.65m in height, the vehicle boasts a gross weight of 15,000 kg.

Enhanced by its ability to withstand 7.62 x 51 armor-piercing rounds at STANAG 4569 Level 2 and endure mine blasts of up to 3 kg of TNT, the Kozak-2M1 prioritizes crew safety. It features bulletproof glass blocks around the weapon mount, further safeguarding those onboard. Outfitted with a remote-controlled turret armed with a 14.5mm caliber machine gun, the Kozak-2M1 is a formidable force in combat scenarios.

Powering the Kozak-2M1 is an Iveco Tector 6-cylinder, 6-liter turbo engine, linked to a ZF 6-speed manual gearbox. With an output of 279 horsepower and a peak torque of 950 Nm at 1,250 rpm-2,100 rpm, the vehicle can reach speeds of up to 120 km/h and cover 1,000 km in distance. Its versatility shines through with a fording depth of 1.4m and a ground clearance of 392 mm.

Positioned as a critical advancement in Ukraine’s military modernization journey, the Kozak-2M1 plays a pivotal role in strengthening the country’s defense capabilities. Its tailored design for airborne brigades and special operations forces underscores its adaptability to varied combat scenarios.