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The Pakistan Navy’s SAIF Made a Visit to Port Djibouti

The Pakistan Navy’s SAIF Made a Visit to Port Djibouti

Port Djibouti

During deployment on the Regional Maritime Security Patrol, the Pakistan Navy Ship SAIF paid a visit to Djibouti on Sunday on 6th June. Following arrival in Djibouti, the Pakistan Navy Ship was warmly embraced by representatives from the Djibouti Navy and  Imran Muhammad Ilyas, Honorary Ambassador of Pakistan in Djibouti. PNS SAIF is currently deployed in the North Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden, responding to global initiatives to assure regional maritime security. During its stay on Djibouti Port, the Commanding Officer of the Pakistan Navy Ship SAIF met with Mohamed Ali Houmed, Chairman of the Djibouti Assembly, Chief Djibouti Navy Captain Ahmed Daher Djama, Port Djibouti Coast Guard Commander Colonel Wais o Bogoreh, and Port Master Djibouti Port Turkei.

During the conversations, issues of common interest were highlighted, and the need to expand bilateral relationships in all aspects was emphasized. Djibouti Coast Guard personnel participated in harbor practices to show Pakistan Navy’s ability to execute Maritime Security Operations. The President of the Djibouti Assembly and also ministers and legislators acknowledged the call and made a visit to the Pakistan Navy Ship SAIF. The Pakistan Navy is geared to maritime security and order at seas, and along with that, it also believes in maintaining regional stability. Pakistan Navy Ship SAIF’s deployment aims to improve mutual relationships and improve collaboration between the two fleets.

Since her launch in 2010, the F-22P Zulfiquar-class guided-missile frigate PNS SAIF usually referred to as (FFG-253), has been in military service with the Pakistan Navy. As per Pakistan’s military’s Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), SAIF is the Pakistan Navy’s “front line battleship.” Back in May, the Pakistan Navy Ship (PNS) SAIF, together with warships and jets from the United States and Canada, took part in the Arabian Sea’s Focused Exercise CHINOOK ARCHER.

As per a Pakistan Navy news release, Pakistan Navy ships are consistently engaged for the Pakistan Navy’s Regional Maritime Security Surveillance project to enhance maritime security in the Indian Ocean region. The operation was aiming to destabilize the drug smuggling trade along the hash route in Oman’s east. PNS SAIF did take part in the Navigation Exercise involving the USS LABOON and the Canadian warship HMCS CALGARY as part of the Focused Mission. The main goal of the drill was to display coordination among these participating fleets and stop illegitimate smuggling and trafficking along the hash route. The Pakistan Navy has demonstrated a commitment to maritime security and order at sea, enabling peace and stability in the area.


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