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Two Russian Warships Spotted Near Taiwan’s Coast

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense has reported the sighting of two Russian frigates off the country’s eastern coast. Surveillance ships and aircraft have been deployed by Taiwan to monitor the movements of the warships, according to the ministry’s statement. The Russian vessels were detected sailing from south to north in the waters off Taiwan’s eastern coast, prompting the Taiwanese military to activate shore-based missile systems and dispatch additional resources for observation. The exact distance of the warships from Taiwan’s coast has not been disclosed.

While Chinese vessels are frequently present near Taiwan’s waters due to China’s territorial claims over the island, the presence of Russian warships is considered unusual. Reports from the Russian state news agency Interfax indicate that the Pacific Fleet warships entered the Philippine Sea after crossing the South China Sea. The warships were engaged in long-range sea crossing activities, including simulated naval battles to repel simulated missile attacks from a hypothetical enemy at sea.

It is worth noting that Taiwan, like its top ally, the United States, has imposed sanctions on Russia in response to the invasion of Ukraine. These sanctions encompass various exports, such as computer technology and machinery products.