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Get To Know The 5 Finest.45 ACP Firearms On The Planet

List of the Top 5.45 ACP Firearms in the World (Now the Argument Can Begin…) I’ve always loved the M1911A1.45 ACP, which has served the nation well for over a century. John Moses Browning, the famous gun designer, created the M1911A1 semiautomatic pistol.

Sig Sauer 1911 Emperor .45 ACP. Image Credit: Creative Commons.

“Rated: These Are the World’s Best 5.45 ACP Handguns (Now Start Arguing…): The M1911A1.45 ACP has been one of my favorite guns since I can remember, and it has provided excellent service to the country for over a century.

John Moses Browning, renowned as the creator of the M1911A1 semiautomatic pistol, is a notable developer of weapons. The 1911 handgun, the Browning Hi-Power pistol, and the M2 Browning heavy machine gun are just a few of Browning’s superior weaponry. The M2, first used in service in 1921, is still the primary heavy machine gun used by the United States military.

Once the Colt M1892 revolver, which used the.38 Long Colt cartridge proved ineffective against charging Moro tribe members in the Philippines, and the Army switched to the 1911A1, which fired the new.45 ACP round, which stands for Automatic Colt Pistol. 45 ACP soon gained favor among U.S. military and law enforcement personnel.

Because of its superior stopping power compared to the ubiquitous 9mm, the.45 ACP cartridge is still in use today.

Making a short list of the top pistols is a difficult task.

45 ACP listed below is the top five handguns I recommend without regard to rank.

45 ACP, but there are a lot more deserving ones out there.

When it comes to handguns in the.45 ACP caliber, or any caliber for that matter, the Glock is among the most reliable and largest-capacity brands available.

For a long time, Glock 21 was considered the benchmark.45 Auto performance and quicknessThis is a high-quality pistol for a fair price, and it can hold 14 shots (13 + 1).

Some people like the boxy design, while others find it ugly. However, the polymer frame keeps the weight down to 29 ounces, which is relatively light for a.45 ACP. However, at 8 inches in length, it is still a full-sized pistol, making concealed carry a bit of a hassle, so you may want to look elsewhere.

Yet, it takes the recoil quite well and shoots like a Glock. The only real issue with this handgun was the stock trigger, which was too heavy for my liking but easily remedied. Like the next item on the list, Glocks never seem to jam.

In contrast to other pistols, the Sig Sauer P220 Combat’s lightweight aluminum frame makes it very accurate.

45 ACPs and lots of room for personalization, while The anodized barrel, action, slide, and Flat Dark Earth metal frame and stock provide a striking two-tone appearance. Another absurd military term, “flat dark earth,” means “booger colored” to the rest of us.

The Sig P220 is a reliable pistol, but the Combat model improves upon the original design. The P220 Combat has excellent optics. They are prominently positioned and equipped with tritium inlays to enhance low-light readability. The Picatinny rail has three mounting holes for accessories. The pistol can do the dual and single-action firing has a precise trigger pull, and can be used with gloves on.

A 10+1 magazine is available and does not significantly increase the pistol’s length; the usual magazine holds 8+1 rounds. It has the trademark Sig feel in hand and performs flawlessly in the trigger department. The magazine has a total length of 8 inches and a weight of 31 ounces.

The Walther PPQ is another high-quality pistol from a manufacturer with a long history in the industry. The typical 4-inch barrel adds up to a length of 7.1 inches, a height of 5.3 inches, and a width of 1.3 inches. A longer, threaded barrel measuring 4.6 inches is available in a particular order.

It has a starting weight of 24 ounces. The magazine can store 12 + 1 rounds—45 ACP ammo. The pistol has interchangeable backstraps to be customized for the shooter’s comfort. The grip is textured to provide a firm hold without sacrificing convenience, with fine finger grooves and stippling running in both directions.

There is a magazine release on both the left and right sides of the gun, and the trigger pull is a respectable 5.6 pounds. The recoil is a tad heavy for a weapon of this size. However, it is a delightful and reliable pistol.

When I saw my family in the Northeast last year, my nephew showed me his brand new Kimber Pro Covert II pistol and immediately took it with it.

Kimber is known for producing high-quality pistols, and many SWAT teams in sizeable metropolitan police forces use 1911A1 models with Kimbers as backup weapons.

Unlike regular 1911A1 handguns, which include a 5-inch barrel, the Kimber Pro Covert II only features a 4-inch barrel, making it slightly shorter and easier to conceal. It has a length of 7.7 inches, a height of 5.25 inches, and a weight of 28 ounces when empty. There are eight shots possible in the magazine.

This lovely 1911A1 has a charcoal grey aluminum frame and desert camouflage Marine Corps grips. The Kimber, though, feels most at home on the open range. It’s easy to grasp the generously sized grips, and it fires accurately and reliably. We fired at the regular 7-meter distance and hit our targets precisely every time. Even though the recoil is slightly higher than a conventional 1911A1, it is barely discernible because of the shorter barrel.

I remember wanting an H&K USP when the Navy bought them for the SEALs in 1991 as part of the OHWS (Special Operations Offensive Handgun Weapons System) program. SOCOM dubbed it the DA/SA MK23, and soon after, Heckler & Koch began manufacturing the USP.

That pistol was subjected to temperatures of over -40 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the stuff of legends. Submerged in saline water and sand, heated to above 150 degrees. A bullet jammed in the barrel before being fired again. The impeded round went through with barely a minor bulge in the barrel. The accuracy remained unchanged even after shooting a magazine through the enlarged barrel. Jeez.

The weapon’s length is 8.64 inches, the height is 5.9 inches, and the width is 1.26 inches. It’s a thick 2.05 pounds in weight. The 12+1 capacity of the double-stacked magazine is impressive, but H&K also offers 10-rounders for residents of those states. Pulling the trigger requires minimal effort (about 11 pounds in DA and 4.5 pounds in SA). It’s sturdy, always there, and dead-on accurate. It’s designed to accommodate a suppressor, although the sights are perfectly functional without one.

Image of Glock 29. Image Credit: Creative Commons.

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