You are currently viewing Turkey has announced plans to enhance and improve its ACV-15 amphibious armored personnel carriers.

Turkey has announced plans to enhance and improve its ACV-15 amphibious armored personnel carriers.

The ACV-15 advanced armored personnel carrier. Photo: FNSS via Twitter

Turkey’s FNSS Defence Systems has secured a contract to enhance the Turkish Army’s ACV-15 advanced armored personnel carriers (AAPCs). This agreement aims to improve the vehicle’s performance and extend its operational lifespan by 20 years.

FNSS will equip an undisclosed number of AAPCs with modern subsystems to support a wider range of missions and effectively counter complex threats on the battlefield. The enhancements will focus on mobility, protection levels, electronic systems, situational awareness, and firepower.

Importantly, the upgrades will be carried out without compromising the amphibious capabilities of the transport vehicles, as FNSS clarified.

By providing this capability enhancement and life extension solution, FNSS aims to significantly upgrade an already proven and reliable military platform. This will ensure that the vehicles remain effective and relevant assets for modern combat requirements, as stated by the company.

To enhance the combat effectiveness of the ACV-15, FNSS will make additional modifications. These include the installation of a dual gun remote-controlled weapon system with automatic fire suppression to increase its lethality.

Furthermore, FNSS will integrate a close-range surveillance system, an auxiliary power unit, and the necessary engineering for a gunshot detection system. These upgrades aim to improve the vehicle’s surveillance capabilities and overall operational performance.

Under the contract, FNSS is also responsible for conducting complete engine and transmission overhauls to enhance the vehicle’s reliability and durability.

FNSS emphasized that all these improvements will not only enhance mission capabilities but also reduce the need for maintenance services during operational deployments.

The ACV-15 is a versatile combat and transport vehicle designed for the Turkish Army. It falls within the 13-to-15-ton weight class and is known for its high-speed operations across various terrains, including deserts, rough roads, and highways. Additionally, the vehicle possesses amphibious capabilities, allowing it to perform missions in rivers and lakes.

Over 2,500 ACV-15s have been manufactured for Turkey and international customers, including Malaysia and the Philippines.

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