Bennett will host Biden on 13-14 July 2022.

US President Joe Biden, a great friend of Israel, is being welcomed by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on his impending maiden visit to Israel as President of the United States.

On the 13th and 14th of July 2022, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett will welcome US President Joe Biden on his first official visit to Israel.

President Biden’s visit to Israel will reinforce the two nations’ special bond and strategic cooperation, as well as the US support to Israel’s and the nation’s security and stability.

The President’s visit will also disclose the actions that the US is taking to integrate Israel into the Middle East and boost the region’s economy. Furthermore, the US and Israel will be negotiating accords that will boost civilian and security cooperation between the two countries and propel the US-Israel relationship to unprecedented level.

The State of Israel welcomes President Biden’s tour to the region, particularly his crucial visit to Saudi Arabia, and expresses gratitude for his initiatives to boost the nations’ shared interests and advance regional peace.

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